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Agency Profile

Evicio Technology

Nugegoda, Sri Lanka


Our Vision

To become a trusted partner that provides high quality services at a reasonable price point so businesses can thrive even in the most challenging times.

Our Mission

Help businesses navigate the current times by integrating the latest technological tools and applications.


One of our core values is to listen to our clients deeply so we understand our client's needs and then provide the best solutions within the budgetary parameters. We don’t believe one size fits all type of methodology. Our team of professionals provide high quality solutions based on the latest technology.

Most of our clients are looking for a trusted partner that can provide them a suite of solutions. At EVICIO we use our creativity and technological abilities to provide services under one roof. We excel in the following areas and differentiate from other service providers.


What We Do

Evicio has over 30 years experience in technology, solving business problems with the best solutions for any market conditions.

We have even developed commercial grade software that was acquired by a larger organization. At the core we solve business problems with technology.

Given the current market place we find ourselves in, it is our firm belief that one of the foremost challenges a business leaders faces today is restructuring their TechStack to allow them to stay in business and fulfill on the promises they are making to their customers.

To accomplish this there are three primary areas of focus.




Sponsorship in September 2021