Agency Profile

Expertise Accelerated

Greenwich, United States


Expertise Accelerated is an Outsourced Audit Services USA mobilizing a global talent pool to hire high-quality yet affordable professional resources for its valued clients here in the United States. Its leadership comprises C-suite–professionals who have formerly delivered results to notable US companies, such as the Sabra Hummus, Saffron Roads, and Hillshire Brands. Expertise Accelerated is the prime choice for the outsourcing of accounting services as it commits to delivering 60% quality-assured savings, which are achieved through the application of outsourcing and/or staff augmentation methodologies – deploying high-quality professional resources to perform the company’s accounting and finance tasks. These resources come at a 60% lesser cost, but without a compromise on the quality. Strategic insight and input on accounting and finance matters are also available to the clients on demand.

Sponsorship in December 2022