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Agency Profile

Fell Swoop

Seattle, United States


Founded in Seattle in 2008, Fell Swoop is dedicated to a few simple ideas:

Design for people

It’s a belief and a mantra, all in one. User testing and feedback is an integral part of our process. The user will have their say one way or another. We think it should be as early as possible.

Anything can be improved

We are always uncovering new ways to make things better. The biggest impact can often come from the cumulative effect of many small details.

We are in the service business

Our success is a direct result of the partnerships we form with our clients and the results we achieve together. We earn our next project by how well we did on the previous one.

Our clients tell us there are three key reasons they choose to work with Fell Swoop:

Art & Science

We pair our research and data-based mindset with a keen sense of the possible to provide a unique creative point of view.

Speed & Flexibility

We understand the realities of tight go-to-market timeframes and embrace the challenge of big, hairy, audacious goals. We work the way our clients need us to work. It’s that simple.

Collaboration at the Core

We strive with our clients for the results neither of us would be able to achieve without the other. We need partnership to make our work successful. We believe the feeling is mutual.

Sponsorship in November 2021