Agency Profile


Florianopolis, Brazil


We are a web and software development agency. Our vision is connecting the world with the greatest brands and changing the standard for online technology. Our Company is International. Starting in Floripa Brazil, as 3ZR.

We have developed and partnered with 80+ companies in Brazil and want to make our mark in the Global Market. Whether this is creating a new app idea for a billion dollar enterprise, to helping the local store with its first website, we want to be there promoting and developing it for you Though developing a great Smartphone App or a Commercial Website is great, we also know it is only the first step to building a successful brand.

Every tool needs to be used properly, and here at FeraCode we teach you and team on how to use this tool and generate success from day 1. From Social Media Marketing to Lead generation, to best delivering the best SEO, we work with your Marketing team to start generating an ROI from day 1.

Sponsorship in September 2023