Agency Profile

Filipe Souza

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I work as a communication and marketing analyst, adding up to my experience as a designer (Web and Graphic), freelance journalist and photographer. I have been in digital communication and IT for 18 years.

I am a media professional, but with multidisciplinary interests. I manage the creation and maintenance of websites and digital projects, in addition to work involving graphic design, communication, photography, design thinking, service design, marketing and systems projects.

I am a freelance journalist (MTB32471/RJ) and editor for a digital magazine specialized in music for 19 years. Besides producing articles, interviews for heavy metal magazines in Brazil and abroad and institutional newspapers.

I plan and develop solutions for all kinds of digital businesses. I integrate teams with several focuses: Technology (IT), Content, Communication, Design and Marketing.

I have a background in journalism and digital media, but I decided to go beyond words, letters and texts. I like to research and design digital solutions, interactivity, new tools, trends, social media, endomarketing, entrepreneurship and multimedia marketing.

Currently I offer entrepreneurship consulting, service design and thinking design to my clients.  Offering the best solutions in digital marketing, configuration and creation of online stores, graphic and web projects. Cost reduction, documentation, home registration

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