Agency Profile

Fizzing 360º

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


We are a digital marketing and integrated communication agency, Google's Premier Partners in Brazil, certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Digital Solutions Sales, accredited by ABRADi (Brazilian Association of Digital Agents) and, recently, we became one of the first agencies the world to earn SEMrush Academy SEO certification.


We have been in the market since 2011 and we have a wide range of successful cases, such as: Cleo, Leandro Hassum, Murilo Rosa, Senador Romário, Senador Randolfe Rodrigues, Ago Mercedes-Benz Group, Euro Mattresses, Ortobom Mattresses, Clínica Proattiva Integrated Medicine, Dynamizing Tires, among others ... There are several clients, from the most varied segments.


Our name came from the concept of digital effervescence (fizzing, in English, means "effervescendo"). Even though we have updated our brand positioning, the initial idea has not yet left our heads. From the beginning until now, our team and structure have only grown. We have a multidisciplinary team composed of more than 20 professionals in areas such as Marketing, Journalism, Advertising, Design, Programming and Letters. Our team is constantly improving and always looking for ever greater achievements.

Our Products include:
- Website Creation.
- Digital Analytics.
- Design.
- Sponsored links.
- Content Marketing.
- Political Marketing.
- Media and Social Networks.
- SEO (Website Optimization).
- Telephone Call Tracking.
- Business Intelligence.
- Video Marketing.
- Press office.
- Leads Management and Qualification.

Sponsorship in September 2023