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Khabarovsk, Russia


FogStream is a full stack software engineering team with intense experience in trendy frameworks (ReactJS, React.Native, Python) and ability to work online 24/5 in several time-zones (European, US West and East Asian).

● We cover several time zones, including:
√ South-East Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Western USA (overnight programming and work schedule), 
√ European Union (office in Kaliningrad, European part of Russia);
● We actively research and support growing industries like e-commerce, cloud solutions, financial trading and IoT;
● The company successfully launched over 30 e-commerce projects, set own Python/JavaScript education center.
● Own e-learning facilities to grow Python, JS, ReactJS developers;
● We ensure:
√ Fast project launch (1 week term);
√ Attractive entry conditions for SMBs (free project analysis);
√ 12 months of code support;

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▻ email: [email protected]

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