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Friendly Consultancy

Derby, United Kingdom


Cost effective straight forward, no jargon just results. We provide a cost effective solutions to building brand awareness and marketing management. In addition we offer business and marketing mentoring and coaching following Paul's recent return to university. We started out with just two clients but through word of mouth alone have expanded to our current levels. We took the strategic decision to expand  organically.

Look at us as your marketing department we carry out the work you know needs doing but neither have the time or the experience to make it a success. We constantly research latest trends and applications to match your business needs some we find are free and just past them on. Hopefully we are removing the grey areas in marketing with the onslaught of social media. As a few good people have said it's how you use the media to your advantage that counts. Remember this social media is still just a media, the main difference is it a opportunity to build positive two way interactive relationships for all businesses no matter how big or small.

Sponsorship in May 2021