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San Francisco, United States


FunnelBeam is the first company to create industry-specific, ? custom machine models that integrate with our customers' systems of record to provide sales & marketing teams with insights into their ICP and streamline CRM flows to encourage peak performance.


With millions of lines of proprietary code and an internal database of 33M+ companies, FunnelBeam constantly ingests petabytes of data from customer enterprise systems and on the public web, to provide unparalleled AI-empowered account, lead, & person insights, intelligently recommend the right buying centers at your prospects, along with suggestions on strategic Money Data to leverage on outreach.


FunnelBeam's library of Beams automates high-performance sales and marketing operational workflows every day. In turn, FunnelBeam users maintain more effective account based sales and marketing teams than ever before! 

Sponsorship in April 2021