Agency Profile

Gateways Counselling

Regina, Canada


Gateways Counselling has been present for people and their issues since 1988. There are times in every person’s life where one wants a safe place to speak and be heard. At Gateways Counselling the commitment is to be present with you, to non-judgmentally listen, and to support your healing journey. About the owner: Judy Wright is a M. Ed. Registered Psychologist and is registered with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists in the areas of clinical, counselling, and developmental. Populations serviced are: children ( age 5 and up), adolescent and adults. Sessions are provided for individuals, couples and families. Judy holds a Bachelor of Arts, High Honors in Psychology, Minor in Religious Studies and a Masters in Educational Psychology. Judy is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (1990) and a trained mediator (2000). Judy worked as a supervisor and manager in insurance and stock/bond companies, and the credit union system for over 30 years. Judy has had the pleasure of working with Hawaiian Huna Shamans, Peruvian shamans, and Navajo, Ojibwa and Cree elders. Judy incorporates humanistic and cognitive behavioral perspectives, along with clinical hypnosis, and a wide range of evidenced based therapies.

Sponsorship in June 2023