Agency Profile

Genau Media

Istanbul, Turkey


Based in Istanbul, Genau is a digital media agency striving to tailor the best social media strategies that align with the unique needs of each and every client. Genau melts creativity, innovation, technology and art in the same pot while keeping up with the trends of interconnected and fast-changing world. With its hallmark polished minimalism, Genau creates glamorous yet sophisticated works that stand out from the crowds. Genau concentrates on reflecting the clients’ true self rather than hiding them behind unnecessary decorations and sentences that do not belong to them as well as appealing to the minds and eyes of the audience. Being a one-stop-shop, Genau adopts a holistic approach and offers all possible digital media solutions that its clients need: Social Media Management Digital Marketing Content Creation Photography Video Production Presentation Design Corporate Identity Design Branding Web Design In short, the name Genau* says it all itself. We create works that will make you say “That’s it!” *genau (German): exactly, that’s it! CONTACT US: Email: [email protected] Instagram: @genaumedia

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