Agency Profile

Minneapolis, United States

Overview is a modernized production company specializing in solutions. We are not your resource, but your partner. From product photography to corporate video, social media content, or your TV pilot; we’re your people. What makes different? It’s in our DNA. Our mission is to create a family atmosphere where creativity, individuality, and authenticity is celebrated and shared within our communities.

We’re proud to say is a daughter-owned, family business. Bill Strohm has more than twenty five years of video production experience in commercial, corporate, and television. His skills include directing, shooting both video and stills, and lighting. His portfolio speaks for itself. The boss, Jess Strohm, is a producer and account executive with a background in marketing and passion for connection. Together we offer endless creative solutions for your business.

Our goal is to exceed your production expectations. We offer a personal experience to create a partnership, understand your goals, and you on a personal level. Our combination of an old dog and new tricks gives us the unique ability to understand your needs from all angles.

Our creative circle of editors and designers turn projects into creations (not work).

Sponsorship in March 2024