Agency Profile


Santa Fe, Argentina


We are Genkidama Productora Audiovisual, a young production company, born in February 2016, composed by Clemar Sánchez Peretti, JP Spitzer and Raúl Rivera. Our main activity is the production of journalistic argentinean TV, at this time we do: “Constructores de la Ciudad”, “Punto de Partida”, “Recomiendo”, “A1Toque”, “Mercado Frutihortícola”, “Malas en tu pantalla” and “Dos lectores”.

We have also made the documentary "César Carli: La arquitectura social en movimient", winner of the "Alcides Greca" award at the "33º Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de Santa Fe", and participated in more than 10 feature films in various roles, among which are "El Silencio", by Arturo Castro Godoy and "El cauce", by Agustín Falco.

At this crucial moment, we are looking for an international client that will allow us to increase brand visibility and make the final leap in quality.

Sponsorship in March 2023