Agency Profile


Giribaz is the symbol of reaching the highest level of sky touching the cloud with an appearance of peace. Our key term is “Innovation for peace”. With this motive and effective human and machine collaborate power helping us to reach our ultimate goal. We started our journey at 2013 with the vision of modern and innovative software and service development for the entire world. In this age of ICT and Intelligent System, we are making our position to lead the next generation for better living style with the hand of innovation and advanced system.

And with that motivation and encouragement so far our journey is being so successful that we able to develop some effective software system for the entire globe and people are please with our services. We have a good reputation in national and international market. So far our effective team have delivered some unique and powerful tool in different sector. Developed some service that will take the software and web platform in the next level.

Sponsorship in April 2024