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Agency Profile


GISonLine is one of the leading companies in the Polish geoinformation industry.

Innovative products and services of the company are dedicated for spatial
information management and targeted at companies from network, critical
infrastructure, environmental protection and public administration industries.

The company's mission is to provide our clients with the most up-to-date data on
their resources and to achieve synergy in the implemented GIS systems. The main
areas of the company's activity are:

  • Implementation and integration of GIS systems
  • Digitization and migration of spatial data
  • Network Inventory
  • Consulting, advisory and training services
  • Inventory and inspection services for technical equipment using unmanned
    aerial vehicles
  • Underground infrastructure detection services using locators and geo-radars

Since 2011, the company in Poland is a business partner of the USA-based ESRI
Inc., the producer and global leader on the spatial systems market.

Sponsorship in October 2021