Agency Profile

Grupo Blend Comunicação

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Since 2010 on the market, the Blend Group was created to be a complete agency, from integrated segments, mixed and aligned in a single objective: to grow your company. With a young concept, we explore good ideas to develop communication strategies between one and its target audience, regardless of the medium used for that. Blend has been communicating brands in an assertive and integrated way for 11 years, based on creative solutions, personalized content and innovative tools.


In our logo, in addition to presenting the initials of Blend, we made an allusion to the octopus, which is the symbol of the agency. Its tentacles are adaptable like our segments, working together and at the same time being independent. They throw paint to defend themselves, and that is art. Soft body is just a synonym of our flexibility and its challenge is what feeds us.


Marketing, web, design and motion, a complete agency. We are a mixture of four teams, working together or independently, but always focused on a single objective: Strengthen your Brand. 

Sponsorship in March 2023