Agency Profile

Hammer Agency

Budapest, Hungary


Our story began back in 1997:

As a group of restless creatives with big dreams, we always knew we wanted to do things a little differently. It all starts with an honest conversation. We listen, brainstorm, set achievable goals to deliver truly inspiring results.

We love a creative challenge almost as much as we love watching our campaigns grow. For over twenty years now, our full-service agency has collaborated with brands from all walks of life, and the results speak for themselves. That’s why, year on year, most of our clients keep returning to us.

When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you understand that honest, original content is your best asset. That’s why, with all the brands we represent, we’ve made it our mission to take the Hammer Approach, a honest circle of trust from brand to consumer, client to agency.

With bright sparks in our offices in Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Bratislava, and Vienna, we’re proud to offer the nuance of local knowledge and the adaptability of an international agency. This unique approach is what makes our client’s message fully integrated to native culture.

Sponsorship in May 2024