Agency Profile

HES Fintech

Vilnius, Lithuania


HES Fintech helps banks and alternative lenders make the shift to digital lending automation. On the basis of the HES Core™, we deliver tailor-made lending platforms to financial institutions of all sizes. HES Fintech's software is currently used by over 115 clients in 25+ countries from North America to the APAC region. 

HES Fintech offers a comprehensive portfolio of loan software for:

  • consumer and commercial lending
  • POS and P2P marketplaces
  • microfinance and PDL
  • brokerage and leasing
  • traditional & digital-only banks

The HES team leverages the full potential of the latest technologies, including AI and machine learning, with over 10 years of hands-on engineering practice. Transform your legacy lending software or start a new line of business – in months, not years. 

Sponsorship in September 2023