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Agency Profile

Hike Agency

London, United Kingdom


HIKE is a London based digital marketing agency born out of a necessity for brands to be brought out of the dark ages of marketing and into the light of the new. We cover the complete spectrum of digital marketing, brand development and social media by creating, developing and maintaining a completely bespoke approach to our client's marketing platforms, by leveraging their existing offline customer base and marketing sources to diversify the business and bring or enhancing them online.

Our founder first started in the publishing industry, where he created and ran a luxury lifestyle magazine that worked closely with classic British brands and luxury goods companies that he built from the ground up. From there he helped consult on companies that included a fledgeling art start-up, Australian based stylist and Kenyan property development form.​

Services We Offer:

  • Social Media Marketing & Maintenance (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Snapchat)
  • Bespoke Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Business & Marketing Strategy
  • Website Creation
  • Business Development
  • Public Relations

What you get from us:

  • Reach and learn more about your target audience
  • Increase brand awareness through curated and original content
  • Humanise your company with genuine contact and social connections
  • Create genuine brand loyalty
  • Substantially increase website traffic and boost sales 
  • Get ahead or stand stronger than your competition
  • Get in Front of Your Clients and Customers Every Day
  • Build a community with incentives for actions (e.g. page activity, feedback & content contribution)

For more information on what we do and clients we've worked with please check out our website.

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