Agency Profile


Zhengzhou, China


Inspired by the intelligent transportation and financial industry, based on IT Outsourcing and supported by the technology and talents from HISOFT college, HISOFT software provides customers with professional technical services. ITO service outsourcing is the preponderant business and foundation of HISOFT software. Relying on this business, we have developed professional technical teams in the fields of finance and transportation to provide customers with efficient and professional delivery results. While providing project outsourcing services to industrial customers, a sound industrial solution has been developed and validated in the market, providing feasible solutions for customers. As a leading IT service provider in China, HISOFT provides IT solutions, big data, application development, testing, operation and maintenance services to customers in the financial industry. HISOFT software maintains its advantages in a number of financial fields, and its services cover multiple financial links. Intelligent transportation is an innovative business of HISOFT. By building Beidou location service platform, intelligent bus dispatch platform, and intelligent public transportation platform, industrial management visualization is realized, and we serve customers from 108 different cities and counties in Henan. Through location service big data processing, it can clean, extract and analyze the positioning data of moving vehicles, provide data support for new technologies, new products and latest solutions in the field of intelligent transportation construction, and provide favorable guarantee for the implementation of smart transportation and smart city construction. HISOFT is committed to become a global "new era partner", and escort for your success

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