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Agency Profile


HumanIT is a global digital product consulting team which partners with small and medium companies to help them achieve their business goals using emerging technologies.

Our team core principle is a deep foundation in designing and delivering mobile apps with thoughtful, technological solutions that helps companies meet customer expectations in today’s mobile-first world.

We analyze and design every piece of the projects we working with to ensure that it`s engaging, stylish, and easy to use. Our domain expertise includes:

• Internet of Things: home and office automation tools, smart BLE connected devices.

• FinTech: mobile banking, P2P payments, mobile commerce.

• EdTech: learning systems and platforms, educator empowerment tools.

• Geolocation + mapping: on-demand services, points of interest, turn by turn directions, solution integration with hard-ware tools.

If you’ve got a business challenge that you’d like to discuss with our experts, get in touch today.

Coding Specialities: Cross-Mobile App Development, Web development, ReactJS, ReactNative, Python, Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Devices (BLE), User Experience (UX), User Interface Design (UI), API Development.

Sponsorship in October 2021