Agency Profile

Humans Creative Group

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Experiences from another world for real people. That's Humans, 
a creative agency that was born with the DNA of change.

Our work/life philosophy is to dare, experiment, surprise and work happily. Because for us it only makes sense if working seriously is fun.
General information
Humans connect 24 hours with whoever's here, there, everywhere.
Humans value humanized relationships.
Humans create experiences that speak through brands.
Humans don't use ready-made formulas, templates and replicas of strategies.
Humans use all their know how to think what was never thought of. 
Humans enchant.

We are 2 partners who have been through the most diverse situations in the development of communication projects. We know what works, what is disposable, what is firula or really good. And we are here to help you find your own strategy.

Sponsorship in March 2023