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Currently we are a group of 30+ skilled professionals that specialize in different areas and complement each other to produce a high-value product.

Our main specialization is custom software development. This is the thing that we enjoy doing the most as it is always a new challenge for us to take. Every accomplished project adds motivation for us as we can see and participate how a new service starts to shape up.

The mobile tools we use rely on native features of operating systems. Although we respect different cross-platform solutions for Android and iOS development, our programming languages of choice are Java, Kotlin and Swift. This way we can deliver a clean architecture with nice code base and support the projects gathering user feedback and making new releases.

The web stack we're working with involves the hottest and at the same time battle-tested solutions and frameworks — Nginx, MySQL, Laravel (we are an official Laravel partner), Vue.js. To offer our clients seamless support and full-cycle service we have a team of mobile developers that collaborate tightly with our backend team. This helps us minimize the communication barriers that are often present in distributed teams.

Our typical process is pretty much standard — we gather info about your project, make a rough estimate, plan your project and decompose it into stages, make a detailed estimate of a stage, get a 50% retainer fee for current stage and start working. Then we calculate the number of hours we've spent during the stage, substract the already paid retainer fee and bill you again. We usually work on T&M basis but we're open to fixed-price projects as well.

Sponsorship in September 2021