Agency Profile

iF Propaganda

São Paulo, Brazil


The old formulas are no longer worthwhile in this new world. iF specializes in innovative tailor-made communication solutions for brands, products and services. They can be online, offline, bellow-the-line,... Together or separately. Our structure allows us to be an agile and flexible Agency, tailor-made for clients, whether they are large, medium or small. Use our imagination. Use iF. Bring your brand to be our Best Friend. 

Why choose iF?

Because we believe that even in a world that changes quickly, even with today's technology, the real advertisement is still the one that is relevant to the consumer, that reaches him through the appropriate means, in a creative way, that surprises him and makes him interact with the brand, product or service, whether in the real or virtual world. A 360º interaction.

Sponsorship in March 2023