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Rīga, Latvia


We Help U.S. eCommerce Companies To Grow In Europe And Scandinavia generated for their eCommerce clients 262 million EUR in revenue last year in Europe and Scandinavia.

If you are already engaged in export or planning to be, we will be most useful in the following areas:

  • Analysis of foreign markets (competition, target audience, etc.)
  • Strategic planning (budget, message, channels etc.)
  • Google Ads
  • Website SEO
  • Display Ads (banners)
  • Social Ads (Facebook etc.)
  • Content (social, blogs, influencers)
  • Mail marketing
  • YouTube video Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Site content localization
  • Support in export markets for delivery, customer support etc.

Successfully operating since 2013 in 30 countries

Google Premier Partner & Google Export Partner

25+ highly qualified expert 200+ successful case studies

The eCommerce revenue we generated for our clients in 2020 totaled 262 mln EUR

Each country where we run advertising campaigns has its own native speaker specialists and partners

175,000+ hours managing digital campaigns (113,750 hours for export markets)

Our approach is based on performance. You set Target KPIs and we manage your advertising to achieve your goals

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