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Agency Profile


Imroz helps dreamers quickly build smart, cloud-native software and applications which deliver experiences that modern customers expect. We use the latest technologies, sensible processes and best practices to deliver quality software, all while providing great value for money. We communicate candidly, advice sincerely and focus on making the best of every situation and adopting the most practical path for our customers. We like talking and exploring ideas. We will understand your challenges and try being useful so that you can make progress.


1. Product & Digital Strategy: 

Whether you want to explore the power of digital to transform your business and customer experiences; or want to bring a new product to the world, you will need a plan. We help you analyse both the internal and external landscape and devise a strategy.

- Digital Transformation

- Product Roadmap

- User Experience Design


2. Cloud-native App Development

Modern applications can become huge very quickly with ever expanding scale and changing requirements. The size of data and needs for intelligence also keep increasing. Cloud-native micro-services platforms and robust frontend technologies are necessary to handle these challenges.

- Frontend Development

- Microservices Development

- Containers & Cloud:

- DevOps Practices

- Operations & Monitoring


3. Machine Learning & Analytics

Customers now expect every app to be smart. Business people also need more visibility into data to make good decisions. Processing large amounts of data and building artificial intelligence is almost integral to every modern software.

- Data Engineering

- Machine Learning

- Analytics & Visualisations

Sponsorship in September 2021