Agency Profile

Intelegain Technologies

Dallas, United States


Intelegain Technologies is a US-based mobile app development company, founded in 2004. With offices located in Dallas, Mumbai, Singapore, London, and Sydney, the company provides IT consulting services and customized software development solutions to large and mid-sized companies in various industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, legal, education, and telecom. For over 20 years, Intelegain has been delivering custom and platform-based solutions to its clients, including notable influencers such as Pfizer, OYO, Pidilite, TATA, ShareKhan, and Canon, to name a few. The company's solutions have been trusted by these influencers for their daily operations. Intelegain has successfully delivered projects to its customers in over 25 countries, earning its position among the leading mobile app development companies that drive digital engagement and business value for startups and enterprises through enterprise mobile, web, and cloud-based applications. With an innovative and tireless approach to executing each project, Intelegain is an ideal IT partner for enterprises of all sizes, including small, medium, large, and startups.

Sponsorship in June 2023