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IT-Services Golbing

Dresden, United States



As a web developer, I have been active for years. In the field of design, I work together with designers and agencies and realize their ideas technically.


A prerequisite for anyone to look at our pages, to find them. The search engines are primarily responsible for searching and finding on the Internet. These automatically scan the WWW, index the individual pages and enter the results according to rating and weighting into databases, which then make the information available on request. Whether or not our search results in our results page depends, irrespective of any additional efforts that usually cost you money, on whether or not I've posted a "good" website online.

The task of HTML authors is to ensure that, and in collaboration with web designers, to ensure that the robots of the search engines find content on the front page and no such framesets or flash intros that contain no information for them.



Sponsorship in December 2021