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Agency Profile

Kaldi IT

Ljubljana, Slovenia


We build technically challenging web applications and products. We can help in building user friendly, visually stunning and reliable apps that just work.

Our core services are software development, UX/UI design and project management.


Gaining experience building products and participating in all phases of building and launching products, we have gathered best practices and patterns that define our workflow. Through lean development, our workflow optimizes time to market and costs. We place great importance on helping you find the right product market fit on the business side and the right technical architecture on the engineering side.

We'll work closely and transparently through all phases of product lifecycle, building trust and avoiding any waste of time because of mis-interpretation of clients’ or market feedback.


Technological keywords include: Java, Node.JS, Vue, React, Angular, PWA, AWS, Serverless, Docker, Azure, SQL, RDB, etc.

By being and doing agile we're adjusting the process just slightly for every specific customer.

Sponsorship in September 2021