Agency Profile


Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Katana is a full-service software development company that specialises in building web & mobile apps for startups, non-profits, and SMEs.

Based in Edinburgh, we work remotely with clients all over the world, providing them with world-class Ruby on Rails web development.

Why choose us?

✔ We're Rails core contributors. We know the Rails framework inside-out!

✔ We understand your business aims first, to make sure the software solution will fit those aims

✔ Experts in software development and design

✔ Our clients include award-winning startups, and internationally esteemed univerisities

We're experts in:

  • Getting startup products launched
  • Defining the right MVP for your market
  • Staged relaunches and phased project management
  • Web & mobile development
  • RubyMotion development
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails development
  • API design and development
  • SEO and accessibility optimisation for your website

Sponsorship in August 2022