Agency Profile

KGvox Comuniação e Estúdio Audiovisual

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


KGvox is a communication company specialized in Image Management, Identity and Organizational Policies. We offer consulting and solutions in Communication and Organizational Policies, Corporate Image Management, Design, Marketing and Institutional Crisis Management.


Excellence is evidenced in the search for innovation in its activities, in the recognition of quality, in logistics and in the enhancement of its human potential. These factors elevate the responsibilities, but ensure the basis, versatility and dynamism that the KG Team seeks to offer to everyone.


Rakel Guerra is characterized by an interest in technological innovations and strategic communication. She is a communicologist and passionate about Brazil, she dreams of improving it every day. To ensure a fertile field for creativity, he studies photography, public policies and Japanese culture in his spare time. For a service of quality and excellence, it has assembled a high level team and excellent partnerships, thus being able to develop and offer the ideal product for the needs of each client.


Focus, innovation and efficiency to position the brands of companies and institutions, generating increasing value for all audiences. KGvox works with a focus on institutional and commercial results: we breathe innovation. We connect your company with the right customer, at the right time and with the best strategies.

Sponsorship in September 2023