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Agency Profile


Our mission

To drive the transformation of people and companies from the traditional economics to the economics of the new technological era (industrial 4.0).

One of Magento creators is in our team.

We don't have freelancers – canned in developing specialists. All your tasks will be discussed in team.

Methodology of supporting your project

  • Contract signing (please refer to contract blank);
  • Set new tasks on language of business logic (on e-mail, tracker or phone);
  • Evaluation and harmonization of cost;
  • Realization. During realization task goes thru checking of code by senior engineer and tester;
  • Demonstration of functional opportunities on test stand or in real (due to arrangements);
  • Billing. Each month we give you full detailing which you can discuss with your manager. If there are no comments we put a bill.

Methodology of new project developing

  • Draw and plan. We hold a session of project strategy planning at your or our office. From your side - responsible for project, from our side - architect or marketer.
  • Decompose. We split the project and give you approximate estimate and calendar period for realization.
  • SCRUM/Kanban/FIXPRICE. We choose methodology of project: SCRUM (with setting of new characters for product rhythmically and demonstration of new product at the end of every cycle or by versions with fix amount (page of product, homepage, integration with ERP, delivery method etc.)
  • Adjustment of cost and terms
  • Product demonstration for you . We prefer demo every 2 weeks.

Our developers and designers work together, it provides fast communication during realization. Designer work result has a 6 months guarantee, defaults in designer logics are amended for free.

Sponsorship in September 2021