Agency Profile

Laika Communications GmbH

Berlin, Germany


We are space explorers with an infinite appetite and curiosity for ideas. Together we form a strong crew united by one mission: to capture the best ideas and convert them into the stories that will shape our tomorrow.

We communicate the technologies, minds and ideas of tomorrow. We make the unknown comprehensible and explore new frontiers side by side with our crew, clients and partners.

We believe it’s curiosity that drives people and makes the world go round. That life is about exploring it together, and that those who stay open-minded and push for what’s next are leading the missions of tomorrow.

We handle corporate, product and crisis communications as well as brand strategies for you.

Our offer is holistically complemented by photography and media training as well as the services of a variety of creative freelancers and partners that join our space ship from time to time whenever the mission requires some extra boost.

We are proud to guide companies such as Chatterbug, LivingPackets, Qonto, OMRON Healthcare, orderbird, Procomcure Biotech, Soundcloud, Snapchat, Tink, Twitch and Urgrow on their comms missions.

Sponsorship in April 2024