Agency Profile

LaPresse Comunicação

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


We are a communication agency focused on SMEs - small and medium enterprises - and startups, technology-based business, which acts as a strategic partner for our clients. Being a strategic partner requires a business model aligned with the reality of our clients and, therefore, the focus on the result that each action generates for the business is the basis of the partnership that we sign.

This vision has led us, throughout our three years in the market, to stand out for translating the new dynamics of the entrepreneurial universe and the impact of new technologies, with mastery, to the media. The result was our nomination as one of the four best communication partners for digital business in Brazil, according to the Spark Awards, promoted by Microsoft. 

With a strong performance in the Brazilian market, our portfolio is formed by 20 clients spread throughout the country. Therefore, we have a database composed of more than 5 thousand journalists, columnists and bloggers. Also part of our network of contacts are reporters from major international vehicles such as ABC, BBC, Reuters and The Washington Post and specialized in technology such as Mashable, TNW and Softonic.

LaPresse is a performance-based agency.

Results are what we deliver.

Sponsorship in March 2023