Agency Profile

Lasting Dynamics

Napoli, Italy


Lasting Dynamics is an award-winning software house committed to providing end-to-end IT services in the web, mobile & cloud. We have more than 10 years of experience and work with companies from a wide range of industries in 30+ countries. Our focus has always been on high-quality service, going the extra mile, and long-lasting relationships, which is why our very first customers are still with us today. SERVICES: Custom software development - transforming ideas into real innovative products with an outstanding impact on the business. Team augmentation - providing dedicated agile teams (engineers, designers, product managers, and growth hackers) as a service to bring full-rounded expertise to projects. Quality assurance - analyzing project codebase, refactoring the code, and removing human errors with automated tests. Academy - upgrading experienced engineers with future-proof skillset. Unique IT recruitment - offering access to experienced software engineers that have been pre-approved and trained by our in-house experts. IN-HOUSE PROJECTS: Roundrush - idea for this project grew from the need to have a simple and user-friendly tool to use for our in-house teams and for our partners, which now has developed a huge user-base. Designed to improve not only your workflow but moreover the quality of your deliveries. Vetrina Live - Vetrina Live idea was born during the first Covid-19 lockdown. We wanted to launch a product to help companies who were struggling to provide to their families to continue to sell their products online. And so we did, offering Vetrina Live for free to all Italian shops for the entire emergency period. After the lockdown, our Mission hasn’t changed: we continue to develop the easiest eCommerce platform on the market and to make the “bring your activity online” process as natural as possible for everyone.

Sponsorship in December 2022