Agency Profile

Leagas Delaney Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany


Leagas Delaney Hamburg was founded in 2000. We are part of an owner-managed international agency family, not part of a multinational network. Leagas Delaney Hamburg sees itself as a German creative agency with a global soul. We know, it was to roll out national campaigns. And we know that we fulfill all tasks and implement them. Our passion, with communication and ideas that do not have to do, but not by the size of the customers, but also by others. The requirements for the communication of brands change almost every second. We at Leagas Delaney in Hamburg, where the increasingly complex challenges and tasks are only confirmed by targeted and well-planned collaboration. Through the collaboration of creative dancers. But also through the collaboration of creatives and customers. We work with Garage Thinking.

Sponsorship in April 2023