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Lockstep Labs

Bangkok, , Thailand


We work with a small number of long-term clients, so you'll work directly with our founder and CEO to determine which technology stack is best for your product and whether Lockstep is a good fit. Looking to build your MVP, integrate services across multiple APIs or improve the scalability of your existing application? Depending on your needs we will either make our engineers available on a flexible month-to-month retainer basis, estimate a fixed price for your build or recommend appropriate alternative firms if our core competencies don't align with the needs of your venture. Lockstep was born out of the same frustration you're likely feeling now—it is extraordinarily difficult to find competent engineering talent at a reasonable cost even if you know what you are looking for...which you may not. Do you need Rails or Django? Or was that Drupal? Why is one firm estimating $10K and another $100K for the same project? Stymied by these questions (and having blown a significant chunk of money screwing it up) our founder Paul abandoned his initial VC career to pursue web development full time, working under a talented Bank of America technologist and fighting into the top 1% of freelancers on vWorker (now Freelancer.com) before founding a series of B2B companies as CTO (most recently Lockstep Labs). Paul's business-oriented, entrepreneurial background combined with his strong technical training and his rock-solid team of 15 full-stack web and mobile engineers make for a compelling long-term partner for your venture. We love to talk tech even if you don't have an immediate need, so feel free to get in touch even (and especially) if you are just starting to wade into the challenging world of custom software

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