Agency Profile


London, United Kingdom


Clients from these industries: finance, business restructuring and insolvency, transport and logistics, education and home furnishing, technology, gaming, mental health, fashion, music, and lifestyle.

Brand consultancy services to various companies: (Bucharest based): Aatotal Insolvency, Contransport, Smartwifi, WeChange, Ringier Foundation, (London based):

Furniture for schools.

● SEO training

● Collaborations with developer teams and sales teams from the clients

● SEO services 

● UX and Usability Auditing of the client’s website

● PPC campaign: AdWords, Facebook, Instagram

● Social Media: copywriting and community management

● Email marketing campaigns using Campaign Monitor

● Project management: overseeing the redesign of the client’s website, work with the development team, sales, coordinating tasks, and setting deadlines for the designated projects.

● Developed corporate videos for insolvency and mental health industries.

Sponsorship in August 2022