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Agency Profile

Marbl Digital Marketing

toronto, Canada


who we are

Power couple, design junkies, brand incubators, serial entrepreneurs. However you may like to define us, Marbl Digital Marketing was founded by Brajan, a Ryerson University graduate with an eye for design and an employment background in SEO and social media management and Xhenet, another Ryerson grad with experience in interior design and marketing sales management, with one sole purpose in mind: to offer their expert skills and services to business owners seeking innovative, bespoke, engaging solutions to their digital marketing, branding, and design woes. From website and logo design to social media management and digital audits, we work with you to create the magic that is your unique brand, and continue to work behind that scenes to allow you the time to use that magic to generate new sales, clients, and growth.

what we do

Marbl Digital Marketing is a branding, design, and marketing firm that specializes in the creation of strong, identifiable, engaging brands through contemporary, innovative designs and savvy digital marketing solutions. We work with business owners to develop effective, unique solutions to help streamline, define, refine, and create successful brands to generate sales and clients.

when it all started

Our love child launched when we decided to ditch the cubicles and go out on our own. Enter Marbl Digital Marketing, our chance to showcase our skills, experience, and love for all things media and design and work with some amazing brands and companies - together.

Sponsorship in February 2021