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Margento R&D d.o.o.

Maribor, Slovenia


Margento is an innovative global provider of powerful mobile transactions solutions. Margento provides its partners with unique opportunity to expand their business by offering proven, profitable, secure and convenient transactions programs to merchants and services to consumers. Without any phone upgrades, Margento instantly turns any mobile phone into easy-to-use, convenient, and secure payment and transaction instrument, enabling everybody to use their existing phones to: • Purchase products and services, • Recharge their prepaid accounts, • Receive and use their loyalty bonuses, • Purchase, send and redeem mobile gifts, coupons and tickets, • Transfer money, or • Pay mobile phone bills. The mobile transactions and payment world is becoming increasingly dynamic, demanding and unpredictable. Margento is leading the way by delivering the mobile future now – with patented Data Over Voice (DOV) technology, complete line of hardware, software and the richest solutions portfolio based on a single platform. Margento is a partner of choice for companies realizing the importance of being able to provide future mobile solutions and services now.

Sponsorship in September 2021