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Maven Collective Marketing

Squamish, Canada


journey. This was just the beginning as Maven Collective worked side-by-side BONZAI to define and market an award-winning digital workplace solution.

The Challenge:

BONZAI quickly identified that both marketing and growth strategy differed for a product company than a consulting service company. Bonzai Intranet was struggling to effectively define their marketing strategy and position their brand in a crowded marketplace.

What’s more, BONZAI Intranet needed a robust lead generation strategy to attract and nurture qualified large SMB and Enterprise sized prospective customers consistently.

BONZAI Intranet were ready to establish themselves as a market leader in the intranet space but didn’t know how to position and promote themselves to do so.

The Solution:

BONZAI Intranet hired Maven Collective Marketing to identify strategic marketing issues and devise and implement a strategy to address these brand positioning, lead generation, SEO/SEM, team alignment, website performance, and buyer journey tracking/architecture.

First, identifying the priority issues through a proprietary Digital Marketing / Buyer Journey Audit, Maven Collective Marketing was able to formulate a plan, strategies and long-term vision to help BONZAI achieve their goal of positioning themselves as an Intranet & Digital Workplace Thought Leadership Hub while consistently attracting Enterprise-Level Qualified Prospective Buyers and successfully nurturing these buyers from lead to new customer.

Sponsorship in March 2021