Agency Profile

Mojo Trek

Chicago, United States


We don’t believe in taking short-cuts. Founded in 2017 on the belief that it’s not just about finding the right people for the job, we put in the extra effort and longer hours to build trusted relationships with our clients. From people to platforms, our methodology is thorough, accessible and based on years of industry experience. It has been finely honed to reflect how clients want to acquire the skill, manpower, and technical leadership that can achieve their goals and grow their business. 

What we do

Whether you are looking to hire exceptional talent or need immediate on-the-ground technological support, Mojo Trek has top-tier recruiters as well as deep experience in software development and program management to respond to your needs.

  • Technology recruiting and staffing: We identify, vet, and attract the best talent to get the job done. We’ve created a powerful recruiting machine that puts the skills-based assessment front and center.
  • Talent management: We create on- and off-site teams that meet your hiring needs with the right talent, skills, structure, technology, and culture.
  • Software development and testing: Our skilled and dedicated professionals offer a perfect mash-up of code and soft skills that can help your organization quickly start and scale up your product development.
  • Program management: With 24/5 support in mind, our program managers manage technical projects of all types through every stage of development, from idea to design to completion. 

Where we do it

Whether we’re supplying on-demand skilled support, developing your next tailored software solution, or conducting project oversight, Mojo Trek can help you significantly decrease your development and testing costs and deliver excellence without comprise. With offices in the U.S.A and Minsk, Belarus we offer a continuous 24/5 workflow

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