Agency Profile

MOVA Group

Klagenfurt, Austria


MOVA Group provides remote teams of highly-skilled software developers who can seamlessly fit into your working/technical and team environment, either on a project basis or team extension. Our outstaffing/ outsourcing company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria with a development center in Prishtina, the Jerusalem of IT in Balkan, the Capital city of Kosovo. Since MOVA Group foundation in early 2019, the company is constantly growing and evolving. The quality of provided services results in long-term relationships with customers in USA and Europe. We are happy to collaborate not only with big players but also with small/medium startups and companies. Our team provides best practices for businesses which do not have previous experience in creation of remote dedicated teams as well. Technical problem-solving skills, deep understanding of software development principles, quality of code and final solutions, flow of new ideas, enthusiasm for every-day’s work and overall cost are the main strengths of teams we provide. Using us will allow you to focus on core activities of your business and let us do what we do best - develop quality software solutions. Describe briefly your project requirements and we will propose a solution for you.

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