Agency Profile

Move Marketing

Manchester, United Kingdom


Move is a full service B2B marketing agency offering strategy, design, programming, PR/social and exhibitions as a turnkey package as well as the expert provision of more specialised managed solutions where required. At Move we focus on a narrow band of technical industry sectors and supporting medium to large companies within those sectors, primarily through integrated multi-channel support contracts which demonstrably drive client sales growth and enhance their brands.

Clearly defined strategy and benchmarking are vital components of this offering as well as excellence in each of the service disciplines provided. Ultimately we often act as an outsourced marketing department for our clients, providing the insight and expertise needed to achieve transformational improvements in their marketing implementation. We build clients’ brands and reputations, develop their market positioning, help them engage with customers and generate their sales leads.

Our approach is grounded in strategic excellence, which often means auditing and evaluating a client’s market position before recommending a clear and traceable way forward in the form of a long term marketing plan. This also ensures optimum allocation of budget with better benchmarking of progress and informed tactical adjustments along the way. Although we can work on any size of project we typically act as an extension of the client’s own marketing department, taking care of every aspect of the marketing effort.

Sponsorship in August 2022