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Hi, I’m Gianni – the founder and lead facilitator here at Naka. Throughout my 20+ years of marketing, design, advertising, and branding, I’ve always heard the same thing… “Oh, I don’t have the budget for a big marketing campaign, that’s not where my business is right now.”

Many small businesses believe that they’re not “ready” for a CMO – and that it’s best to let their agency handle everything. Unfortunately, that approach doesn’t provide any incentive for your marketing or advertising agency to act with your interests in mind.

The Naka model is different because it’s built around us being your best partner. We don’t make our money from printing markups and media buying commissions. That means, we’re never trying to convince you of solutions you don’t need because its a revenue stream for us.

  • We don’t insist upon 100% exclusivity. If you have a partner you like working with for your logo and branding, public relations, or something else, Naka is happy to work together to maximize results for the entire team.
  • We understand that business needs change… sometimes more quickly than we anticipate. So we don’t insist on hefty retainers that can last a year or longer.
  • We let you get started with small commitments that reflect the actual amount of work you need from us… and we adjust so you feel comfortable growing with us.

It just takes a 30 min call with our team to discover ways to grow your company through technology and marketing. We help you save money and maximize your most valuable initiatives. 

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