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Agency Profile


At Netizens, we are proud to identify as a full-stack development company. We offer comprehensive services in the implementation of IoT products - combining software, firmware and hardware elements.


We have been operating in the IT market for 21 years. During this period of time, we have completed over 1500 projects. The combination of experience, creativity and our competences allows us to create IoT solutions, software and mobile applications tailored to the needs of your company.


Why do we stand out in the software house market?


  • We carry out unconventional and interactive projects with the use of smart devices belonging to the world of Internet of Things which attract attention during events and are part of multi-channel campaigns.
  • In the case of Netizens, the extra value is provided by the R&D department and the competences of its engineers.
  • We have our own products, including MovStat and EON Beacon – those are the effects of R&D work.


We use technologies:


Back-end: PHP, Laravel, Python, WordPress, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, SQlite, Firebird


Front-end: JavaScript, HTML5, VueJS, CSS3, React, Electron


Mobile: Java, Swift, Kotlin, Objective C, React Native


R&D: C++, Embedded C++, C#, OpenCV, AI, ARM, Keil, KiCAD

Sponsorship in September 2021