Agency Profile

New Standard Studio

Berlin, Germany


We're a systemic design studio. We create and develop systems that make sustainable behavior easy. We embrace curiosity and learning. With a hands-on attitude, we'll guide you and your team through the overload of information and make lasting change fun, simple, and empowering. ​

How would you like to start setting new standards in your business?

[1] Sustainability Trends & Inspiration Workshops

[2] Workspace Audit & Transformation

[3] Learning Journeys & Experiences

[4] Communication Design & Production


As designers, we understand the power of ​systemic and holistic thinking​.

With our work, we focus on supporting companies and their teams on their journey toward a more sustainable workplace and lifestyle. Our goal is to make sustainable actions feel effortless. We use design to make it easy to do things in an environmentally conscious manner. We help you set up processes and supply chains, and we take on design challenges, including the production of printed and digital goods that follow sustainable standards.

Sponsorship in April 2024