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NuSpark Consulting

Morton, United States


Whether you call me a marketing consultant, a fractional CMO, or an outsourced marketing/advertising director, I will work with you and your team to build, enhance, and optimize a marketing strategy designed to generate more leads, more sales, and to grow your business even further.  That means an emphasis on the convincing story you offer, the channels chosen to communicate that convincing story, and allowing trust to increase conversion rate, leads, and sales.

Nothing beats experience. I have over 35 years of marketing success. I am passionate about business growth and building win-win relationships. 

We also do app marketing.   I have also recently founded my own app, Sports Debatable, an app that offers sports debates to users. Going through the process from idea to development to growth, with analytics throughout the process, I offer basic app development and marketing services as well to entrepreneurs as well as small/mid-size businesses.


Sponsorship in November 2021