Agency Profile

Omnivision Design

Montreal, Canada


Omnivision Design is first and foremost a marketing company, in other words, in the phrase "online marketing company"​, the word marketing comes before the word online. We take into account your business objectives, your industry and benchmark your current status, offering new clients a complete snapshot of where their marketing stands and next steps. We begin by reviewing your objectives and your website by phone.

Once you are confident that we can offer you the right solution, we then meet in-person to bang out the details, forecast any potential roadblocks to success, review your competitors and establish a detailed plan of action. Once we officially begin working together, we begin with a kickoff meeting designed to acquire all the details - specifics regarding how your website will function, design elements and call-to-action that will be included in your site, color schemes, examples of other sites, etc. Detailed instructions are then prepared for our marketing and development team and we will provide instructions on how you should prepare your website content. Alternatively, we can have it written for you in English and/or French.

Sponsorship in August 2022