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Miami, United States


Before we had Internet, the way humans used to learn about products/services was through interruptive ads, trade shows, mailing, TV, or radio. Now, people have access to a huge amount of information that helps them take decisions in their own terms. This has created a change in the way they do research, and make decisions to select a product/service. Buyer Behavior has changed… Has your marketing? The old marketing playbook is BROKEN. Marketing is in constant change. Strategies we used to know, no longer produce the outcome your company needs. Direct Marketing is no longer bringing results and it’s hurting your business and that is something no one can truly afford. Now, customers are replacing direct mail with TV On-demand, Online TV and video channels because they have become more visual. Telemarketing is now obsolete as well. So now you need to take measures before you lose another potential client.

Sponsorship in June 2023